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Stop IBS and SIBO Bloating
The Quick and Simple Guide To Help Support Bloating, IBS & SIBO
Feel better with IBS & SIBO. A simple guide to reduce bloating, improve gut motility and boost energy so you can start getting relief today.
In This FREE Guide, We'll Show You...
Reduce Bloating
Reduce Bloating
How to choose the right beverage to enhance liver detox and subsequently reduce uncomfortable bloating.
Tackle Inflamation
Tackle Inflammation
Clean and easy recipes that limit common allergenic foods that create inflammation and put stress on your digestion.
Improve Energy
Improve Energy
The gut is the second brain and root of your health. As you improve gut health, your mood, energy and sleep will improve.
...So You Can Achieve Results and Start Feeling better.
After you request your free E-Book we will present you with a special offer for The IBS Academy's brand new Gut Detox Program*. This program will be the important first phase in the journey to restore gut health.
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Dr. Robyn Murphy ND Medical Advisor
Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND - Medical Advisor to The IBS Academy
About The IBS Academy
The IBS Academy was created by a group of health practitioners and people who are passionate about not only healthy living, but providing reliable evidence-based support to the general public with chronic digestive complaints.
One of the top reasons the public visit their doctor is digestive concerns, while many walk away with a diagnosis of IBS, treatment options are often limited or fail to provide the necessary support long-term to reverse these complaints. Working with a team of health practitioners, including a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, and nutritionist is ideal, but not everyone has the access or resources to make this happen.

Our team is dedicated to providing support for the public, empowering our community with:
  • The education about common causes to IBS
  • ​Inspiration and community support to motivate each other
  • ​Evidence-based reliable resources on recipes, diets, teas, supplements and strategies to effectively address IBS
Our Motto - Educate, Empower, Inspire
What others are saying about The IBS Academy
Kim M.
After working with The IBS Academy I came to understand that treating SIBO is more than just treating the infection. In my first attempt I was missing the knowledge about the many factors that impact the success of the treatment and the additional support necessary for the body recover and heal.
Tara P.
I had done other SIBO programs with no relief. I just completed the Gut Restore Program and my fevers, headaches, bloating, rash and constipation are GONE! This program helped me finally get over a lifetime of digestive issues. It’s the real deal, I highly recommend it to anyone.
Start your journey today!
The IBS Academy is focused on helping others find answers to their 
chronic digestive complaints and stems from a very personal place.
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